Commercial Ground School

For those interested in obtaining a Commercial Pilot Licence; there are a few options available to satisfy the ground school requirement.

We are partnered with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Commercial Pilot Program (conveniently located just across the street) where you are able to receive extensive ground school on all required subjects that exceeds all minimum requirements.


If you are not able to commit the time required to attend a full-time course such as the Saskatchewan Polytechnic program; no problem! You have other options that offer greater flexibility and the ability to continue your day job.

  • At Millennium Aviation, we are more than happy to set up tutoring sessions on demand, or at a bulk rate to answer your questions regarding ground school subjects or to satisfy Transport Canada ground school requirements.
  • You also have the option to use online ground school resources, offered by other flight training institutions in Canada.
  • Independent study is always helpful to your training and is actively encouraged. Please keep track of the time and subjects studied. You can coordinate with your instructor to test your knowledge and apply the material covered.