Intro Flight

Curious what being a pilot is like?

Want to find out if this is something you will enjoy?

An introductory flight can answer those questions for you!

For only $100 (including taxes) you can experience what flight training at Millennium Aviation is all about. After contacting us to make an appointment, you can simply bring yourself to our hangar. Here, you will meet a flight instructor who will give you a quick but thorough briefing about your flight. He/She will take you to your airplane, show you a proper pre-flight inspection; then take you for a flight in the vicinity of Saskatoon.

Will you get to fly the plane? Of course! There’s no better way to determine if it will be something you will enjoy than to take the controls. Don’t worry… your instructor will make sure that you don’t accidentally do something unsafe.

After landing, your instructor will debrief you on the flight and answer any questions you may still have.

The entire process will take approximately two hours (but will seem like it went soooo quickly!) and will count toward your training times if you choose to pursue a licence.