Private Pilot Licence

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For people interested in piloting their own or their company’s aircraft where a Recreational Pilot Permit does not satisfy their needs; a person may find the most utility in a Private Pilot Licence.

With a PPL, a person may:

  • Fly an airplane of class/type which the licence is endorsed by a rating (e.g. multi-engine seaplane)
  • Add any desired rating to your licence (e.g. seaplane rating)
  • Fly your airplane outside of Canada
  • but may NOT fly for hire or reward (however, if your work requires you to travel, you may use a PPL for this, as long as you are not employed as a pilot)


  • At least 17 years old
  • Have a valid category 3 medical certificate
  • 40 hours of ground school instruction
  • Complete written exam
  • 45 hours of flight instruction
  • Complete flight test

View a list of doctors able to issue a Transport Canada Medical Certificate in Saskatoon

Consult the Canadian Aviation Regulations for the complete details of these minimum requirements

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